Out of the labyrinth; onto it.


The leap of faith;
you took alone,
out of the maze;
onto the eye of a burning sun.
the road is made,
for you to run..
onto the mess of ash and bone;

we breathe to live;
you breathed to die.
you lit a cigarette;
then smoked a lie,
Consumed the liquor
into your blood..
the alcohol..
the shattered glass..
the bloody mud..

the books on your shelves..
the dust on them..
their yellow papers..
their unread selves..
they weep alone..

The labyrnith that you escaped..
so straight… so fast..
it put us in..
a paradox..
a labyrinth..
of human sins..
of living long.. and dying last..
of unlit cigarettes„
and undone pranks..
of a stupid fire..
burning low..
of our desire..
to let it go..