Calling All Nerdfighter Groups


Hey all! My name is Valerie, and in addition to being one of fynf’s showrunners, I have recently taken on the position of being a community liaison of sorts between Nerdfighteria and John & Hank.

My job is to make this community more awesome, more connected, more engaged, and more wonderful.

One of the ways all of the above can be achieved is by strengthening local nerdfighter groups and planning activities! FYNF has always tried to enable that through our Local Nerdfighter Groups page, but now it’s gonna be taken to the next level. 

If you are a part of a Nerdfighter group that has meetings (regularly or occasionally), please email me at valerie[at] with  ”[your city/state/region] Nerdfighter Group” in the subject line. If your group already has a system of organization in place (looking at you, DC Nerdfighters!), please ask/get the attention of those who are admins/in charge and have them email me. I will be compiling emails and groups throughout the coming weeks to keep on hand for future projects.

Also, if you are a part of a local NF group that is not listed on our page, feel free to send me a link to it so it can be added.

Thanks & DFTBA!