fishingboatproceeds Hi Mr John Green Sir! So my name’s Jeverline Reyes and I’m a senior in high school. I have read The Fault in Our Stars a thousand of times now, and it never fails to make me cry every damn time. Out of topic but, anyway, our English teacher gave us a homework in which we were asked to make a poem. So I, desperately wanting to watch the movie franchise of Tfios, made a poem about it. My classmates said it was great, I hope you can say the same:

The Love Story of Two and a Half Lungs and a Prosthetic Leg

Doctor’s Appointments and support groups,
Oxygen tanks and G-tubes.
Hazel Grace meets Augustus,
As she smiled, he thought, “gorgeous.”

He unpockets a smoke,
Surprised, she looked at him as if it was a joke.
"It’s a metaphor," he explained.
As he went on, she knew, that whatever this is cannot be contained.

She looks like V for Vendetta’s Natalie Portman.
With wits and humor combined,
He thought, “Is she even human?”
"Is she even my kind?"

Augustus’ bestfriend, Isaac, is blind.
Her’s is Van Houten, an author no one can find.
They went to Amsterdam using his cancer perk,
And there, they found the author who was a real jerk.

They drank stars straight from their glass,
And ate food that’s first class.
At Anne Frank’s they first kissed,
As they pulled away, her lips, he already missed.

"I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace."
She shook her head as tears escaped her face.
They went back to America,
Augustus being killed inch after inch by Osteosarcoma.

Isaac and Hazel did a eulogy,
At the pre-funeral of a once basketball prodigy.
"Some infinities are bigger than our infinities."
They knew love isn’t limited by disabilities.

Eight days later, pain demanded to be felt.
To have Augustus back, with the Devil, Hazel could have dealt.
Tears were shed, tissues and shoulders were needed.
Everybody mourned at how tragically this love has ended.

He was her first, she was his last.
Everyone should know that life goes on too fast.
Infinities won’t last forever and always,
Just like “I Love You’s” and “Okay’s.”



For Mrs. Kimball, the librarian who saved my life.

“If we face the Dementors in fiction, we are far more equipped to face them in real life.”-J.K. Rowling

"My childhood consisted of more paperback books and pixels than people.
I would spend hours under covers, face illuminated by flashlight,
escaping into dragon lairs and spider infested forests,
donned in crimson and gold instead of crooked glasses and hand-me-downs.
I remember reading at a grey park bench during recess,
pretending to preoccupy myself on the days
when my classmates would create secret clubs
and I wasn’t allowed to know the password.
In my world,
the word outcast did not exist.
It was a place where there were spaces at every table
and all forms of magic were welcome.
When I was thirteen,
my best friends were the school librarians
and my science teacher,
they showed me that
the passion for knowledge and the desire to dream
were things to not be ashamed of.
learned to defend themselves against darkness for a reason:
there were ways to make the years of torment vanish,
it was just that wands didn’t work in this alternate universe.
Fantasy taught us how to fight,
but also how to forgive,
even after the spells
have been broken.”

—“Boggart” by ADDY NOVY

(Inspired by the songs/YouTube videos/writing of fishingboatproceeds, edwardspoonhands, tmichaelmartin, and of course J.K. Rowling.





"The world is not a wish-granting factory."
—John Green

"Whenever I saw shooting stars,
I did not wish for fantasies.
There are no fairies
or godmothers
that can grant even the fathomable.
One day, my friends told me that scientists are claiming
that when the galaxies first exploded on themselves,
fragments of star stuff drifted into our DNA.
There is so much shine inside of us.
It is no wonder
why the people that we love
are miracles.”

— “Esther” by ADDY NOVY

Hidden Nerd


"Nerd" is no insult
This needs to be written.
So let’s find out
where a nerd could be hidden.

It could be
A girl who considers every book
a page turner, deciding to stay awake.

A confectioner decorating a cake
in honour of pi- day.

A compulsive planner dazed
by breathtaking poetry.

A nail designer dedicating her evenings
to studying molecular biology.

It could be
An athletics winner doodling
molecules in class.

A group making a banner determined
to fight against worldsuck.

A girl during dinner
doing some calculations.

A nature lover, in some manner defeaned
by everything but the birds’ songs.

Or it could be
A boy becoming a whiner diving
into a fictional story.

A passionate language learner dreaming
of going on a trip around the world.

Of something I have no doubt:
There’s a nerd in many of us.
We may let him out,
no need to discuss,

We should be proud
of being interested enough.

Why not scream out loud

that we’re enthusiastic about stuff?

- M.C.

(Inspired by nerdfighteria)

fishingboatproceeds edwardspoonhands

My nerdfighter valentine submission~

to faithfulcat111, who said nothing about herself other than some favourite shows, and i couldn’t find any sign of her OTP in her blog so i went with doctorose, i hope i got it right. this is what happened the day rose read tfios. most of the fanfic is, i’d say, pg13 ish, but the last sentence involves the word ‘sex’ in it, so… yeah. anyway, i hope you like it! 

“Hi, Rose, say, do you thi- hi, hi, what happened?” Her eyes were red, her cheeks blushed. She’d been crying, she’s still crying, and he couldn’t live with that. She noticed right away, of course, and buried her face right inside that book once more. The blue cover had two clouds on it, and a quote that took him a minute to recall. “Shakespeare, ain’it?”

“Blimey, no,” she giggled through the tears, “it’s The Fault in Our Stars. You know that book; you’ve got me that book.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember, the guy with the puffy hair signed it for you and everything. I thought you liked that, um, what was his name, Grey?”

“It’s Green,” she said, not knowing whether he really didn’t know, or he was just trying to make her laugh. Regardless of his intent, it worked perfectly. “John Green, that’s his name.”

“What’s happened, then?” His smile was forced; he couldn’t be happy with Rose crying like this, he never could. “Want me to throw that John Mean into a supernova for you?”

Now she was really laughing. She put her mark inside the book and shut it close, then threw it at the floor. It took about three seconds for her to regret it and pick it up. “Gus is taking Hazel to see her favourite author, and he told her he loved her.”

“Well, hey, what’s sad about that? I took you to see your favourite author, that wasn’t sad.”

“They have cancer, both of ‘em. So it’s sad, shut up,” she said and giggled. By now she’s stopped crying. “You also didn’t say you loved me, that’s a huge part of the deal.”

“Give me that,” he said, grabbing the book off her hands. He opened it, turned back a few pages, and then started reading aloud. “I am in love with you, he said quie- oh, I should have said it quietly,” and then, his voice hushed, “I am in love with you. I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasures of saying true things.” The lights flickered in his eyes, and you could hear that he wasn’t Augustus anymore- he was himself. “I am in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when our labour has been turned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.”

He looked in her eyes, just then. They were still red with tears, but they were also beautiful, and had a sprinkle of hope in them, too. Like magic, their eyes couldn’t move the other way, even blinking felt wrong, like every second of them not looking at each other is a crime against humanity. So they just looked, for a while. And then they were kissing, and then her lips were closer and closer until they touched his, ever so gently at first, then firmly all at once.


She grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to her bedroom.

“Rose, what happened?”

“Hazel and Gus just had sex.”

[submitted by itabsolutelyneedssaying]

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